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[Through the courtesy of Mr. Frazer E. Wilson of Greenville,

Ohio, the author of several articles on Wayne's campaign and the

Greenville Treaty, we herewith publish, from a duplicate of the original

MS., a letter written by one Thomas Irvin, who participated in Harmar's

advance and retreat. The document has a double interest, the first hand

information which it imparts and the crude but direct style of expression,

typical of the scholarship of the pioneers.--EDITOR.]

Dear Sir The army on Harmars Campaign Left

for Washington about the Last of September 1790

for the Indian towns followed the trace made By

Genrl Clark from Kentucky in October 1782 which

passed reading halted there one Day until the Regular

troops Came up formed the Line of March there one

Line on Each Side of Said trace to Be about 40 yards

on Each Sides from it a Strong front and Rear gard

the Baggage in the Center Encamped at Night in the

Same way passed where Sharron is and where Lebanon

in the County of Warren Stands went Some Distance

west of Waynesvill and Xenia Crossed Mad river

about 10 miles from Dayton Struke the Great Miamia

at the old Piqua Town that Sd Genrl Clark had

went against and Destroyed Crossed the River

(          )t Distance above had a pritty (

-an trace from there to the old french Store on

what is Since Called StMarys had a good India

-an trace from there to the Maumee Town as

it was then Called the 2d Morning after we Left

StMarys 8 or 10 mounted men went out in Search

of Some horses that had Been Lost over Night

Started a Smart young Indian with a Bow and

arrow They took him prisioner Brought him to

Camp there was 2 of the troops Could Speak the Indian

tounge very well he and they Spoke freely together