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On May 14, 1912, the following circular was issued to the members

of the Society:

"According to the provisions of the Constitution of the So-

ciety, the Annual Meeting of the Society should be held not later

than the last day of May. It is earnestly desired that the Annual

Meeting this year be deferred until after the bids have been re-

ceived and, if possible, the contracts made with the builders for

the erection of the building for the Society at Columbus and the

Hayes Memorial Building at Fremont. It is therefore proposed

that a sufficient number of the members of the Society to consti-

tute a quorum meet at the offices of The Ohio State Savings

Association, 44 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, at 2:00 P. M.,

Saturday, May 25, 1912, at which time those present may technically

comply with the requirements of the Annual Meeting and then

adjourn further proceedings of the Annual Meeting until such later

day as may be agreed upon.

"This notice is sent you that you may be present at the meet-

ing of May 25th, if you so desire, but a later notice will be sent

you of the adjourned meeting, at which time the regular routine

of the Annual Meeting will be carried out.

"G. FREDERICK WRIGHT,               E. 0. RANDALL,

"President.                  Secretary."


In accordance with the foregoing announcement there met at the

place designated, 44 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, at 2:00 P. M.,

May 25, 1912, the following members of the Society:  G. F. Bareis,

A. J. Baughman, T. B. Bowers, H. E. Buck, C. H. Gallup, J. W.

Harper, W. C. Mills, E. O. Randall, D. J. Ryan, L. P. Schaus, John

Siebert, H. A. Thompson and E. F. Wood.

The number of members present was sufficient to constitute a legal

quorum, the number of which is ten. Vice President Bareis presided at

this preliminary meeting, in the absence of Dr. Wright. Secretary Ran-

dall fully explained the reason for calling this preliminary meeting and

stated that such business could be transacted as might be necessary,