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Editorialana.                       331


Ryan, Columbus, O.; C. E. Schenk, J. R. Schindel, Murray Seasongood,

Frank H. Schaffer, D. H. T. Smith, Rufus B. Smith, Dr. R. W. Stewart,

Thomas T. Swift, G. S. Sykes, Rev. Geo. A. Thayer, Bryant Venable,

Emerson Venable, R. O. Venable, Dr. Chas. E. Walton, J. W. Worth-

ington, F. B. Wiborg, J. O. White, Charles B. Wilby, Joseph Wilby,

John F. Winslow, Isidor Wise, Paul Wisenall, E. J. Wohlgemuth,

Everett I. Yowell.




Judge M. D. Follett, one of the organizers of the Ohio State

Archaeological and Historical Society, a life member and beginning

in 1895 for some ten years a trustee, died at his home in Marietta,

Ohio, August 22, 1911.

Concerning his distinguished life we quote from a memorial pub-

lished by the Washington County Bar Association of which for many

years he was a most eminent member.

Martin Dewey Follett was born in Enosburg, Franklin county,

Vermont, October 8, 1826, the son of Captain John Fassett Follett and

grandson of Martin Dewey Follett. Many members of his family had

risen to prominence in colonial and revolutionary times. In 1836 his

father, with his wife and nine children, came west and settled on a

farm in Licking county, Ohio, where the subject of our sketch grew

to manhood. Having taught school for several years, he entered Mari-

etta college and graduated, with highest honors, in the class of 1853-

having completed the required course in two years. He received the

degree of Bachelor of Arts; and three years later was further honored

by having conferred upon him the degree of Master of Arts. After

being graduated he taught for one year in the high school at Newark,

Ohio, and for two years in the academy and public schools at Marietta,

Ohio, and in 1856 was elected superintendent of the local schools, which

he served two years.

In 1856 he married Miss Harriet L. Shipman, of Marietta, Ohio,

to whom were born four children, all of whom are deceased except

Mr. Alfred Dewey Follett, a member of this bar. Judge Follett was

married a second time in 1875 to Miss Abbie M. Bailey, of Lowell,

Mass., to whom was born one son, Edward B. Follett, a judge of the

court of common pleas of this district.

Judge Follett was admitted to the bar in 1858, at the time of

his death being the oldest member of the bar association, in point of

service; Mr. R. M. Stimson having been admitted in 1849, but never

practiced; and R. K. Shaw, who was admitted in 1855 in New York,

but came to Marietta in 1860. At the October election in 1883, Judge

Follett was elected to the Supreme Court of Ohio and served there from