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360 Ohio Arch

360       Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications.

dresses followed by Hon. Geo. E. Pomeroy of Toledo, Past

Governor of Society Colonial Wars; Prof. G. F. Frederick

Wright, Hon. James M. Richardson of Cleveland, President

General Sons of the American Revolution and Colonel Webb C.

Hayes. To all who attended the exerices were of great interest

and made the day memorable while the hospitality of Port Clin-

ton's patriotic people to all the visiting delegates will long be

gratefully remembered. Prof. Wright in his afternoon address

called attention to an interesting fact. He said that both monu-

ments were of boulders which had come from what was originally

British soil, carried down by ice floes probably about ten thou-

sand years ago from upper Lake Huron and Lake Superior

regions and deposited on Ohio's soil.



It is a well known saying that "Nations are ungrateful.".

Even Washington Irving said, "The idol of today pushes the

hero of yesterday out of our recollections, and will in turn be

supplanted by his successor of tomorrow."

While all this may have been true in the past, it is hardly

justified now.

The changed condition is largely due to the tremendous in-

fluence of patriotic societies, so ably represented here today, an

influence which is rapidly increasing year by year, and is being

recognized as a power in state and national legislation.

The marking of historic sites, locating important trails, dis-

covering Revolutionary graves has been no easy task.

The success attending such efforts is wonderful, and reflects

great credit upon the local and state committees having such

matters in charge.

It has been up-hill work because of the general utilitarian

and too practical spirit of many Americans, who are prone to

place land values upon a financial, rather than a patriotic or sen-

timental basis; but perseverance and fidelity to a set purpose,

have conquered in many instances over commercialism, and thus

we have our monuments and many old buildings restored and


Bacon has said, "Industrious persons, by an exact and