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428 Ohio Arch

428       Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications.


wigwam dared to be raised upon its soil on account of danger

of some enemy. A little later the Algonquin, as well as the Iro-

quois, returned to this country in small tribes and grew, but there

was another enemy rising up against them, the English and the

French particularly the English.  For about twenty years

they struggled for the occupation of this territory, and the

English finally succeeded, but the Indian was determined to

hold it, and really not until after the war of 1812 was this country

held by the white men in security. Now all these people have laid

up great things for us to learn. Historically we want to collect

all the information we can and place them in this building where

they shall be of interest and usefulness to the generations that

are to come. I am sure that the trustees are all interested in this

work, and that as the years go by and new trustees come, they will

find it a pleasure to inspect what we have done and shall add

more and more to the benefit and to the honor of this State.

We are thankful for this afternoon; we are thankful that this

hour has come when the foundation of a grand building is being

laid and when the efforts that are to tell for the future in this

society can be carried on with a greater degree of success than

we have been able to do in the past. This I say again is a happy

and auspicious day and we are glad for it.

MR. RANDALL: One of the principal accomplishments of the

history of our Society has been the holding at various times

throughout the State historical celebrations, and the first of

those was held in Marietta in 1888, at the One Hundredth Anni-

versary of its settlement, at which many distinguished men of the

nation took part and spoke. One of the gentlemen here today

was an orator on that occasion. Mr. D. K. Watson will now ad-

dress you.


Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have lived long

enough to know that a man never knows when he is going to get

into trouble. Standing on this platform, together with other

gentlemen here a few moments ago, my distinguished friend, Mr.

Randall, stepped up to me and asked if I wouldn't say a few

words. I said I didn't know what to talk about and he said just