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452 Ohio Arch

452         Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications.


For God shall dwell among us, and men shall say

The former bitter things are passed away;

Gone are our strifes and banished all our fears,

For here is love that wipes away all tears;

Here is the rest for which our souls have striven;

This is the city that came down from heaven.




At the dinner participated in on Tuesday, August 27, at

the Southern Hotel, by the Descendants of Ohio Governors, the

following address was made by Prof. Dean C. Mathews, of West-

ern Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Mathews is a

great-grandson of Samuel Huntington, third governor of Ohio,



Why is Ohio great? We may say that Ohio is the result

of an idea, of fortunate circumstances and favoring physical

conditions. The idea of individual human freedom, granted by