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The recent appointments to the Board of Trustees of the Society

have added strength and dignity to that body. Governor Cox on June 24,

1913, appointed ex-Governor Myron T.

Herrick of Cleveland and ex-Governor

James E. Campbell of Columbus, for the

terms of three years from the date of their

appointment. Mr. Herrick was originally

appointed by Governor Harmon. The high

character of the personnel of the Board

has been unbroken in the twenty-eight

years of its history. This is evidenced by

its capable and disinterested work by the

type of citizenship selected as its presi-

dents. In this capacity such Ohioans as

Allen G. Thurman, Francis C. Sessions,

Rutherford B. Hayes, Roeliff Brinkerhoff,

and G. Frederick Wright have devoted in

turn years of labor, scholarship and duty to

preserving the records and traditions of

their historic State. It is therefore with

undisguised pleasure that we record the new appointments as further

evidence maintaining the high standards of the past.

Myron T. Herrick, former Governor of Ohio and at present the

American Ambassador to France, has been on the Board for the past

three years and his retention is of decided advantage to the Society.

His life is one typical of the Ohioan of the nineteenth century. In a log

cabin on a farm cleared by his grandfather at Huntington, Lorain County,

Ohio, Myron T. Herrick was born on October 9, 1854. Both his parents,

Timothy R. and Mary Hulburt Herrick, were descended from sturdy

New England stock, and gave their son the valuable inheritance of a

strong constitution, and an ambitious, persistent and positive mind. He

received a common school education, after which he attended Oberlin

College and Ohio Wesleyan University at Delaware.

Directing himself to the study of the law he was admitted to the

bar in 1878 and began practicing at Cleveland. Although successful in

his chosen profession Mr. Herrick soon entered the field of finance as

giving greater opportunity for his executive and business ability. In