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Editorialana.                       473

hours are spent with his family at home, where his large library is a

notable attraction.

His appointment as Trustee is regarded by the people who know

him well as an eminently appropriate one.

Albert Douglas of Chillicothe was elected by the Board of Trustees

to serve as one of their number for the term of three years from May

23, 1913. He was born in Chillicothe,

Ohio, on April 25, 1852. He is descended

from  patriotic  New  Englanders, his

great-grandfather having served in a

Connecticut regiment in the Revolution,

and his grandfather, Richard Douglas,

well-known in early Ohio history, being

in the War of 1812.

Mr. Douglas's early   education  was

gained in the public schools of his home

town. In 1872 he was graduated from

Kenyon College with the degree of Bach-

elor of Arts. Two years later he had

completed his course at the Harvard Law

School and was admitted to the bar.

The young lawyer returned to Chilli-

cothe and opened his office. In 1876 he

was elected prosecuting attorney on the

Republican ticket, although the county

was then largely Democratic. His ability was so appreciated by the people

that he was re-elected in 1878. Receiving the office of presidential elector-

-at-large in 1896, he was also honored by election to the chairmanship of

the Ohio college. Mr. Douglas was a candidate for Governor in 1899, but

was defeated by Governor Nash. During his political activity, however,

he did not neglect his former interests, for he was made a trustee of his

Alma Mater, Kenyon College, and also of Ohio University. Both colleges

conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, Ohio in 1905,

Kenyon in 1906.

Mr. Douglas was elected in 1907 a member of Congress from the

11th District of Ohio, and served until 1911. At the close of his term,

he resumed the practice of law in Chillicothe, his present home.



The Eighth Annual Meeting of the American Association of Museums

was held in Philadelphia beginning Tuesday, June 3rd, and ending Thurs-

day evening, June 5th.

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 o'clock by the president,

Mr. Henry L. Ward, Director of the Milwaukee Public Museum and the