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476 Ohio Arch

476        Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications.


"The Functions of Museums and the Question of Special Exhibi-

tions", by Frederic A. Lucas, American Museum of Natural History.

"The Museum Point of View in Botany", by E. L. Morris, Brooklyn

Institute Museum.

"A Celestial Sphere-An Appartus Installed to Promote Interest in

Astronomy", by Dr. W. W. Atwood, Chicago Academy of Sciences.

"The Educational Work of a Natural History Museum", by W. W.

Atwood, Chicago Academy of Sciences.

"The Deutaches Museum at Munich", by Mr. Charles R. Toothaker,

Philadelphia Museum.

"Legislation in the Interest of the Ohio State Museum", by William

C. Mills, Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, Columbus, 0.

The Association adjourned at 1:00 P. M. to Memorial Hall, Fairmont

Park for luncheon. After luncheon the members inspected the Museum

and were given an automobile ride through Fairmont Park visiting the

Zoological Gardens and ending the ride at the Wagner Free Institute of





The centennial celebration of Perry's Victory has practically occupied

the summer on the Great Lakes. The recovery of Perry's second flagship,

the Niagara, from the depths of Little Bay, and its rejuvenation has been

the chief sensational event and formed the central attraction. From Erie

to Chicago it has been the central figure in the naval procession of triumph.

The culmination of all these celebrations will be on September 10, the

centennial anniversary of the battle of Lake Erie.

Governor James M. Cox will go to Put-in-Bay to preside at the

exercises in celebration of the anniversary of Perry's victory.

President Woodrow Wilson will speak for the United States and a

distinguished Canadian for the Dominion of Canada. The oration of the

day will be delivered by former President Taft, and addresses will also

be delivered by Lieutenant Governor R. B. Burchard of Rhode Island, and

Rev. J. A. Carey of Chicago.

After these exercises the invited guests will go to Cedar Point, where

a banquet, given by the interstate board, will be held.

On the morning of September 11 the guests will return to Put-in-

Bay. On this day will take place the impressive ceremony of the removal

from their present graves of the bones of the American and British officers

killed in the battle of Lake Erie, to the crypt in the Perry memorial,

where they will be reinterred with international honors.

Delegations consisting of the governors and their staffs, state officials,

members of the United States senate and house of representatives, and

other distinguished citizens from the states participating in this centennial

will be present.