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A Survivor, Bourbon Co., Ky.


(From the Draper MSS., in the Archives of the Wisconsin His-

torical Society.)

Notes taken in April, 1844.

From Henry Hall, of Bourbon Co., Ky.; born near Phila.

24th May, 1760-Apr. 1844.) Mr. Hall was in Wm. Harrod's

company, of about 60 men, from the Falls of Ohio. Edward

Bulger, who was subsequently killed at the Blue Licks, was ensign

of Harrod's company. Mr. Hall does not think James Harrod

nor John Haggin were out-recollects but four companies, com-

manded by Wm. Harrod, Benj. Logan, Levi Todd & John Holder.

Bowman's men numbered altogether about 230 men.

Rendezvoused at the mouth of Licking-Wm. Harrod's

company reached there first, & turned in to killing buffalo, bear

and deer, for provisions-killed some game at Big Bone Lick,

& there got some of the bones of mammoth.

Harrod brought 2 keel boats & 3 canoes--& in these, all

the troops crossed at the mouth of Licking, save 32 who were

left to take care of the boats. No cabin was built; they lived

in the boats, & kept plying up & down until the troops returned-

thus kept moving about, thinking it less dangerous than to re-

main stationary. Left the mouth of Licking on Friday morning,

May 25th, & reached the vicinity of (Little Chillicothe) the

town, on Sunday eve, May 27th (Note, by L. C. D. [Lyman C.

Draper]-While copying these memos., I have referred to Gen.

Dan. Smith's Journal of '79 & '80, I find that the last Friday in

May, '79, was the 28th, & that the Monday following was the

31st-I w(oul)d naturally think, that Mr. Hall mistook the

date (28th May of starting for the mouth of Licking, for the

date of the attack-L. C. D.) & halted in the prairie a few hun-

dred yards east, or perhaps south east, of the town, the dogs