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(From the Draper MSS., Wisconsin Historical Society Archives.)

Mr. Henry Hall was out on this campaign. Were some

8 or 9 hundred men-Colos. James Garrard, Benj. Harrison,

Thos. Kennedy, and Hugh McGary were the principal officers

under Logan.

When Logan reached Meckacheck, some 18 or 20 Indians

remained, and the men rode after and killed them most all. Capt.

Irvine and others were pursuing an Indian with a broken thigh,

& did not rush upon him as quick as they ought-he snapped

several times at Irvine, who thought the gun was empty; finally

the Indian shot him in the breast, while on horseback-Irvine

died that night. Rhody Stafford, was on the look for the same

Indian (hid in the tall grass-vide Gen. Lee's statement-L. C.

D.) & coming forward in the search, when he received a shot

under the collar bone-then one of the men ran up & shot the

Indian in the head. Stafford died at Maysville on the return of

the troops. Wm. Rout was wounded.

Moluntha's Town was about a mile from Mackacheck, at the

head of the prairie. There was Moluntha, & his queen & several

others-some 15 or 20 prisoners, one or two of whom were white

girls-one of these was badly cut by one of the Colonels mis-

taking her for an Indian. After the prisoners had been taken

an hour, McGary went up to Moluntha, who had about his per-

son a good many silver trinkets & jewelry, and asked-"Do you

remember the Blue Lick Defeat?"  "Yah, I do," replied Mo-

luntha-upon which McGary cursed him, and snatched a squaw

hatchet from the queen & with two blows killed Moluntha. Don't

recollect about McGary cutting the queen's fingers off. McGary

was much blamed-it had been strictly ordered, that no prisoners,

after having surrendered, should be injured.  No recollection

about McGary's justifying himself for the act.

Next day went & took McKee's Town, 6 or 7 miles off-it

was deserted; and burned these & some half a dozen on the Big