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Rob't Yost his Book made for the purpose of noting down our

Marching and what we seen and expericet while in the

united States service beginning at St Clearsville Ohio Sept.

the third Eighteen hundred and thirteen and continued to

note down as we march.



[The original of this Journal is now in the possession of J. W.

Yost, a direct descendant of Robert, the author. Mr. J. W.

Yost had the Journal reproduced in exact expression, spell-

ing and punctuation for the QUARTERLY.- Editor.]

Deem the 3 1813 By the authourity of his excelency G. Meggs

[Meigs] we were Called upon to Repair to the frontiers as a de-

fence for them and on the third day of Sept. in the yeat of our

Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen we Rendevoused

in St. Clearsvill where we remaind until Sunday the 5 and then

we formd the line of march in much confution and under the

vew of many of our beloved friends and fellow Citizens who

escorted us for some distance our Companys under the Command

of Stephenson and Howel on that days march was from St

Clearsville to Morristown which was ten miles and there en-

camped and there was joined by the Riphel Company under the

command of D. Conner and the morning of the sixth we formed

the line of march in morristown streets where the Rev Mr Clark

gave us a very solem adress on the words Righteousness exalteth

a nation and after solem prayer we were dismissed and then

marched for Barnesville and encamped there that night and

was joined by another Company under the Command of T Shan-

non the next morning the 7 we took up the line of march for

head quarters and come to bemerstown that day and encamped

there til next morning the 8 we took up the line of march About

one o'clock we came to Cambridg and encamped until thursday

morning which day it rained on us which made it disagreeable