Ohio History Journal

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VOL., XXIV. No. 2.

APRIL, 1915.


Doctor Edward C. Mills, Columbus, Ohio, presented to the library

a number of volumes pertaining to Ethnology.

Mr. D. H. Gard presented to the library his private library con-

sisting upwards of 3,000 volumes on Americana. This library will be

cared for in a separate alcove known as the Gard Alcove.

The heirs of the late General Roeliff Brinkerhoff, President

Emeritus of the Society, presented, to the Library, a large collection of

books pertaining to the War of the Rebellion and Bibliography.

Mr. J. C. Braeckline of Kansas City, Missouri, was a recent visitor

at the Museum. Mr. Braeckline has one of the largest collections of

archaeological specimens in the United States.

Mr. B. C. Kelsey, formerly of Columbus, has placed in the Museum

his large collection of central Ohio specimens. The collection contains

many interesting types.

The Museum has obtained the collection of Mr. F. J. Moley,

Olmsted Falls, Ohio, which illustrates the archaeology of the Iroquioan

culture of northern Ohio. The collection was made in western Cuyahoga

county, and contains interesting pipes, ceremonials and flints.

Mr. John Seip, Chillicothe, Ohio, one of the earliest archaeological

collectors in Ross county was a visitor at the Museum recently. Mr.

Seip has presented his very valuable collection to the Museum, made

during many years of collecting in Ross county.

Mr. D. H. Gard, of Columbus, presented a small collection of in-

teresting specimens, which were washed out of a mound opposite Ad-

dison, Gallia county, during the great floods a quarter of a century ago.

These include some fine bone implements.

The cabinet of the late Henry Richter, of Columbus, was presented

to the Museum by his sons, Walter W. and Harry E. Richter. Besides

numerous historical and war relics, old arms and weapons, the collec-

tion contains numerous good archaeological specimens from the vicinity

of Columbus.

Dr. Arthur Keith, of London, England, accompanied by Dr. T.

Wingate Todd, of Cleveland, spent an entire day (March 28) in inspect-

ing the Museum and collections. Dr. Keith is professor in the Royal

College of Surgeons, London, and president of the Royal Anthropological