Ohio History Journal

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At a meeting of the Ohio History Teachers' Association, held

in April, 1915, a committee was appointed to consider the pub-

lication of one or more volumes pertaining to the history of the

state. This committee decided that it would be wise to make a

beginning by collecting a series of extracts from the sources in

such a way as to make clear the part the state has taken in impor-

tant phases of the history of the country at large. A handy vol-

ume of such material, it was believed, would afford excellent col-

lateral reading for high school students of United States history,

and would serve to quicken the student's appreciation of the his-

tory of his own state without danger of giving distorted ideas of

the state's importance, such as might result from studying purely

local history. It was believed that high school teachers would

welcome such an addition to the collateral reading resources of

their classes, and that the volume would not be without attrac-

tions for the citizen who is interested in the history of nation and

state. The work of preparing the volume is now well under way,

and it is hoped that it may be completed without undue delay.

The collaborating committee is composed of Professor J. E.

Bradford, Miami University, Professor C. L. Martzolff, Ohio

University, Miss Juliette Sessions, East High School, Columbus,

Professor E. J. Benton, Western Reserve University, and Pro-

fessor H. C. Hockett, Ohio State University, chairman.

Chiefly to give an idea of what might be done in such a

book, three members of the committee prepared papers which

were read at a session of the Association held October 21st, 1915.

The main portion of these papers are given here. The first is

by Mr. Bradford, the second by Mr. Hockett, and the last by

Miss Sessions.