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Annual Meeting Ohio Valley Historical Association

Annual Meeting Ohio Valley Historical Association. 161


commemorated in our own beautiful memorial building holding

his library and numerous family relics, while his remains with

those of his wife, lie beneath the family monument on the beau-

tiful knoll in Spiegel Grove which is approached only by travers-

ing the original Harrison trail of the war of 1812.

As coworkers in this field of historic investigation we wel-

come you to our capital and lay open freely before you for your

inspection and study the rich treasures of our archaeology, our

historical documents, and our monuments commemorating the

deeds of our great soldiers and statesmen. Our common field

is one of surpassing interest and we shall all rejoice in the con-

tributions which any are able to accomplish in making our past

more real to the present generation. May our younger scholars

be encouraged by what has already been done to accomplish still

greater things in the future. Standing on our shoulders they

may see farther than we have seen and be able to combine facts

into a more consistent whole than we have been able to do. To

such work we welcome you all and bid you God speed.






Ladies and Gentlemen:

In behalf of the Ohio Valley Historical Association I beg

to express our extreme gratification at the gracious words of

welcome accorded us by the executive of the great institution

on whose grounds and by whose courtesy we are privileged to

assemble, and also, to the representative of the State Archaeo-

logical and Historical Society to whose kindness and courtesy

we shall be deeply indebted ere we separate. It was by a happy

arrangement that the meetings of the kindred societies, the Ohio

Valley Historical Association, and the Ohio State History Teach-

ers' Association be held at the same time and place, for certainly

each will be inspired and benefited by its contact with the other.

I make no pretense of speaking for the latter; nor is there any

need. Prof. W. H. Siebert, president of that association, who

refused to permit me to put his name on the program in that

capacity, is hereby again urgently requested to make some state-

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