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Dedication of the Haves Memorial

Dedication of the Haves Memorial.      437


Bless, we pray, the Republic of which we are a part. Be

with all who are in places of leadership. Guide the Nation

through all dangers to a safe harbor. Help us to become to all

nations the truest expression of the divine program for human


We ask all in the name of Jesus Christ who has given us

the ideals upon which all lasting human civilizations must stand.


"The Star Spangled Banner" was then sung by the Col.

George Croghan Chapter, D. A. R., and the Fremont Church

Choirs (who were seated on a specially constructed platform to

the right of the speakers' stand), and led by Prof. Alfred Arthur,

leader of the 23d Regiment Band; accompanied by the Woodman


President Wright then introduced his Honor, Mayor George

Kinney, of Fremont, who gave the following address of welcome:




Mr. President and Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ohio State

Archaeological and Historical Society, through and by whose

grand achievements and devotion to duty we are able to dedicate

this magnificent memorial- this historic mansion - this match-

less grove-this place of beauty-to the sacred memory of

Rutherford B. Hayes, I bid you welcome.

To all you aged soldiers of the War for the Union who were

his allies in war and his comrades in peace, who come here to

evidence your love and devotion to your old commander, I bid

you welcome.

To all you honorable gentlemen, representatives of this great

nation and state who honor us by your presence in this dedicatory

service to the memory of one of the noblest of America's great

men, I bid you welcome.

To all other organizations and associations, and especially the

Odd Fellows, of which he was an active and devoted member for

fifty years -some of you have known him all these years, yet

none knew him but to love, and none named him but to praise, and

any and all of you come to express your love, respect and ad-

miration for your townsman and your friend, I bid you welcome.