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Thirty-First Annual Meeting

Thirty-First Annual Meeting.                 111


meeting shall be mailed by the Secretary to all members of the Society

at least ten days before such annual meeting is held."

The following were duly elected to life membership: Mr. Clay

Barnes, Waverley; Dr. H. E. Twitchell, Hamilton; Mr. A. J. Rayner,

Piqua; Prof. A. M. Schlesinger, Columbus; Mr. H. C. Shetrone, Co-

lumbus; Hon. Harry L. Goodbread, Nevada, Ohio; Dr. Wm. D. Tremper,

Portsmouth; Mr. W. O. Feurt, Portsmouth; Mr. Geo. H. Heinisch,

Portsmouth; Mr. Wilbur Stout, Sciotoville; Mr. Henry J. Booth, Co-

lumbus; Prof. John E. Bradford, Oxford.

On motion the meeting adjourned.





Present: Messrs. Wright, Ryan, Prince, Cole, Wood, Randall,

Buck, Bareis, Hayes, Treadway, Moore, Thompson, Campbell; absent,

Messrs. Schaus and Palmer.

The meeting was called to order by President Wright, who stated

that the first thing in order was the election of officers. The officers

elected for the ensuing year (1916-17) were as follows:

Mr. G. Frederick Wright, President; Mr. George F. Bareis, First Vice

President; Mr. Daniel J. Ryan, Second Vice President; Mr. E. O. Ran-

dall, Secretary; Mr. E. F. Wood, Treasurer and Mr. W. C. Mills, Curator.

Thereupon the salaries for the different officers and employes for the

year beginning July 1, 1917, were determined upon as asked for in the

forthcoming budget but subject to the legislative appropriations.

Mr. Wood stated that the salaries here fixed are for the year be-

ginning July 1, 1917, and the figures are those furnished the Budget


All of the present employes of the Society were appointed for a

term ending June 30th, 1917.

Mr. Wood gave the names of the employes thus reappointed, as

follows: Oscar F. Miller, bookkeeper, Mr. H. C. Shetrone, assistant

curator; Mr. Starling Eaton, superintendent of building; Mr. John Gill

and Mr. Elmer Hart, janitors; Miss Bushfield, assistant librarian, Co-

lumbus building; Miss Grace Harper, stenographer; Mrs. Elizabeth P.

French, assistant librarian, Hayes Memorial Library; Mr. Warren Cowan,

caretaker, Fort Ancient; Mr. Chauncey Hawk, caretaker, Spiegel Grove

Park; Mr. Jerry Estell, caretaker, Logan Elm Park.

Dr. W. O. Thompson, who was present, stated briefly the attitude

which he thought the Society ought to take in regard to any cooperation

with the Ohio State University. The suggestion had been considered

that the Society cooperate with the historical department of the Uni-

versity, to the effect that a teacher of history, particularly relative to

Ohio history, be employed, the salary of whom should be shared by the