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[We occasionally have had inquiries concerning the history or

myth, if it was merely traditionary, concerning some silver mines worked

by the Indians, which mines were supposed to have been located near

Old Chillicothe, Greene County, Ohio. We have never been able to

secure any definite information in regard to the same until we received

the following from Professor R. S. King, now of the University of

Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.-EDITOR]

Some time ago I mentioned to my father, Mr. William

Harrison King, that I had once upon a time read a legend of

silver mines located in Greene County, Ohio. As my father

was born and raised in that county he has vivid recollections of

events that happened in the early days. The following is his

version of these mines and their locations:

According to some of the prisoners of the Indians they

were made to pack heavy loads from    a distance up Massie's

Creek down to Old Chillicothe, now Old Town, Ohio. These

prisoners were some of the early pioneers who ventured into

this region before the first settlement was made. It was re-

lated by these men that the Indians would blindfold them early

in the morning and march them     up the trail along Massie's

Creek for a distance estimated between three and three and a

half miles. Then they would be left under guard for a period

of time, usually estimated at about one-half day, at the end

of which time the Indians who had departed would return with

material in bundles that was very heavy for the size of the

package. These heavy bundles or packs would be forced on

the prisoners and they would be compelled to carry them to Old

Chillicothe without any rest.

One of these prisoners whose name is not recalled claimed

that he was able to remove the bandage partly from his eyes

and that the Indians did not leave the party but remained with

them so that the prisoners would think that the material had

been brought to them from a distance. He also claimed that