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Ohio has been well-named "The Mother of Presidents,"-

and while to give the list of all the Chief Executives who were

either born, or who grew up, -for some years, at least, -

within her confines were tedious, -it is an interesting play of

the Fates, worthy the noting, that three Presidential birth-

places are so closely located, one to another, that a day's motor

jaunt out from Cincinnati permits of one visiting them all!

Grant, the warrior-President, was born at Pt. Pleasant, O.;

Benjamin Harrison, descended of another Presidential family,

was born at North Bend, and the late President, Taft, saw the

light of day at Cincinnati, - all these almost within view of

the Ohio River and the opposite Kentucky shore.

The logical sequence for such a pilgrimage, - determined

by locations, that is to say,--is to visit, first, the slumbering

river hamlet, Pt. Pleasant, in which President Grant was born.

Then, following the river to Cincinnati, on whose heights the

substantial Taft birth place still stands, to tarry; after that, fol-

lowing the 'Belle Riviere' once again, to stop at North Bend,

where old "Tippecanoe and Tyler too' had his home and where

Benjamin Harrison first saw light of day.

The entire journey is, indeed, delightful!

Much of the country 'round both Pt. Pleasant and North

Bend, or, as the hamlet there now is called, Cleves, is given

over to farms, with corn and wheat and meadows of cattle

and sheep, that have their rail fences and old orchards and

quaint well-sweeps, much as they did when Grant lived here.

Pt. Pleasant is quite as much a sleepy river hamlet as it

was at the time.

Approaching Pt. Pleasant today, for one has a long

ride through the hilly fields, you note where the timber rights

have been sold for poles the size of younger elms and the like,