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548 Ohio Arch

548      Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications.

to Cornstalk, whose headquarters for years were nearby, who

was the chief Indian at the treaty and who was one of the

noblest and most influential chiefs in Ohio history.

This closed the proceedings of the Annual Meeting, and

upon motion it was adjourned.





SEPTEMBER 25, 1918.

Present:  Messrs. Wright, Campbell, Randall, Wood,

Prince, Ryan, Bareis, Moore, Treadway, Schaus and Cole.

Absent: Messrs. Thompson, Hayes, Buck and Palmer.

The meeting was called to order by President Wright.

Secretary Randall read the minutes of the last annual meet-

ing, which were approved as read.



MR. RANDALL: In view of the President's statement de-

clining election to the presidency for another term, and as we

wish to retain him in the capacity of counsellor, I move that Dr.

Wright be elected President Emeritus of this Society. The mo-

tion was seconded and unanimously carried.

DR. WRIGHT: I thank you very much for this honor.

Mr. Ryan nominated Hon. James E. Campbell for the posi-

tion of President. The election was made unanimous.

GOVERNOR CAMPBELL: I haven't anything to say, except

that I am perfectly aware that I have not anything like the ex-

perience or knowledge of archaeology and local history that my

predecessor has, but I will try to imitate him. I'll try to be a

near-president, as it were. I thank you for the compliment, and

assure you I will draw my "salary" with commendable prompt-



The remaining officers elected were:

George F. Bareis First Vice President.

Daniel J. Ryan Second Vice President.