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The following letter, which we gladly publish, speaks for itself:

NEW YORK CITY, October 31, 1918.

Editor, Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society.

DEAR SIR: I should be grateful if friends of Mr. Cleveland who

possess published addresses or other critical comment of historical value

concerning his policies or character, or letters to or from him, or per-

sonal recollections of incidents connected with his life, which would be

of interest in the preparation of a biography, would communicate as

soon as practicable with Mr. William Gorham Rice of Albany. Any

such comment, letters, and accounts of incidents will be acknowledged

and will be carefully returned if the sender so desires.

It is my hope that Mr. Rice, aided by such material and by his own

already existing collection, may feel disposed to undertake a biography of

Mr. Cleveland during the ensuing year.

The assembled letters, comment, publications and records now pro-

posed to be brought together, will be deposited ultimately in the State

Library at Albany for the use of Dr. John H. Finley, who some time

ago invited Mr. Rice to collaborate with him, or whoever finally may

prepare a definitive and documented biography.  The collection thus

deposited will also be of permanent value because of its accessibility to

anyone who in the future may desire to obtain for historical or other

purposes knowledge of Mr. Cleveland's traits, and his opinions and ad-

ministrative record on public questions.

Mr. Rice was a secretary to Governor Cleveland in Albany and was

later, by President Cleveland's appointment, a United States Civil Service

Commissioner at Washington, and is now a New York State Civil Service

Commissioner. He was associated with Mr. Cleveland from 1882 on-

ward, and was always an esteemed and devoted friend.

Inquiries concerning the requests and suggestions made in this let-

ter may be addressed to Mr. Rice at his residence, 135 Washington

Avenue, Albany, or at The Capitol, Albany.

I am,

Very truly yours,