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The Ulrich group of mounds have been so named by reason

of the location of two of the mounds upon the farm of Mr.

Joseph Ulrich situated about two and one-half miles west of

Farmersville, in Jackson township, Montgomery county, Ohio.

Six or more mounds comprise the group, four of which were

examined by the writer during the summer months of 1916 and

1917.  Except for one mound-that located upon the farm

formerly owned by Mr. J. H. Fortney-all of the mounds were

of very small size. Whether to class these small tumuli with

the larger one has been a somewhat puzzling question, but since

they were all explored together, and found in close proximity

to each other, the term Ulrich Group is not inappropriate.

All of the mounds examined had been disturbed, more or

less, by earlier explorers. They left no written record of their

work, but some of the older inhabitants of the region stated

that few objects or burials had been found by these men. At

the Fortney mound, however, it was evident that three burials

had been disturbed, and some beads, and objects of copper found.

A diligent search gave us no trace of the whereabouts of these

specimens, at the present time.



The first mound of this group to be examined was located

upon the farm of Mr. Ulrich, two and one-half miles west of

Farmersville, and three-fourths of a mile south of the pike.

The mound occupies a position upon the high ground, in the


* The examination of the Ulrich Group of Mounds was made by Mr.

Mills under the supervision of the Curator and the contents of the

group are owned by the museum and now on exhibition in the North

Hall, second floor. Mr. Mills assisted in the exploration of the Westen-

haven Mound near Circleville and the Tremper Mound near Portsmouth

prior to his exploration of the Ulrich Group.--Editor.