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246 Ohio Arch

246       Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications.

Mississippi. Their bones are heaped in trenches where the leaden

hail fell thickest, and bleach unfound in prison pens where

ghastly famine stalked. The turbulent waves of the Atlantic

and the tepid waters of the Gulf flow over the iron ships in

which they are forever coffined. They are the "Unknown Dead"

-peace to their ashes! These war-wasted flags are their most

glorious memorial-these flags that are

"While for their precious honor, red for the rose of youth

Lost in the heat of battle, lost for the sake of truth;

Blue for the skies above them when, in the long ago,

They, in a loyal spirit fought with a gallant foe".





It was a beautiful thought that inspired the preservation and

display of these battle-scarred standards of three wars. They

occupy a sacred place in the affections of all Ohioans, and it

is indeed fitting that they are now enshrined beneath the dome

of our state capitol, where they may be at once an inspiration

and a beautiful memory.

It is appropriate for us to pause, in the midst of our par-

ticipation in the present gigantic military conflict, that we may

reflect upon the achievements of those whose valor and patriot-

ism are commemorated by these battle-flags.

I congratulate the Commission upon its diligence in collect-

ing 455 of these flags and thus affording the opportunity to

have with us for all time these eloquent witnesses of our fathers'

and forefathers' achievements.





The placing in the rotunda of the Capitol of the battle flags

of the Ohio Regiments in the Civil War was approved while I

had charge of them. I am glad the plan has since been carried