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Reviews, Notes and Comments

Reviews, Notes and Comments.           299



The Republican National Convention in Chicago, June 12,

nominated Senator Warren G. Harding on the tenth ballot for

President of the United States.

The Democratic National Convention in San Francisco,

July 5, nominated Governor James M. Cox on the forty-fourth

ballot for President of the United States.

The Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society is a

strictly non-partisan institution, but because of the distinguished

honor that has come to the state the prediction frequently heard

these days is here recorded, that the next president of the United

States will be from Ohio. It is more than probable that in the

next issue of the QUARTERLY it will be proper to report among

the activities of the Society extended references to both of these

candidates for the presidency.



To say that Memorial Day was appropriately observed at

Spiegel Grove by patriotic citizens of Fremont and Sandusky

County is only to state what could as truthfully be said of the

observance there of this anniversary each year. A gratifying

feature this year was the large attendance of veterans of the

World War - much larger than one year ago. In the exercises

the veterans of the Civil War, the Spanish-American War and

the World War all had a part.

Spiegel Grove is a place of historic and patriotic suggestion,

and Colonel Webb C. Hayes has done much to invest with a

living interest the associations of this beautiful park and other

places in the immediate vicinity. It should be added that the

pen of Miss Lucy Keeler has preserved a record of early events

in this part of the state in some of the most valued contributions

to the QUARTERLY. What she has done for Spiegel Grove, Fort

Stevenson and Fort Meigs should move writers in other sections

of the state to give due prominence to interesting and significant

events of their local history.