Ohio History Journal





This issue of the QUARTERLY is a memorial to Emilius Oviatt

Randall, Secretary of the Ohio State Archaeological and His-

torical Society from February, 1894, to the date of his death,

December 18, 1919, a period of twenty-five years. Through all

that time he was editor of the OHIO ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND HIS-

TORICAL QUARTERLY. Its pages bear the impress of his character

- his industry, his literary merit as historian and his devotion to

his native state. They constitute a more enduring memorial than

the spontaneous tribute of a host of friends and appreciative

readers within and beyond the borders of Ohio.

With the poignant regret at the death of our secretary comes

a feeling of pride in the contemplation of his achievements and

character. In no better way can the appreciative estimate of

both be presented than through the testimonials of those who

were in close touch with his life work. These are set forth on

the following pages with supplemental notes and quotations

from his writings.

It is a noteworthy coincidence that Mr. Randall's first liter-

ary work, so far as known, was as editor and that his last contri-

bution was to The Ohio Newspaper, published by the department

of journalism of the Ohio State University. From the proceeds

of his youthful editorial venture he realized sufficient to pay in

part the expenses of a trip to the Paris exposition of 1867, the

reminiscences of which furnished the material for an informing

and delightful address fifty years later before the Kit-Kat Club

-the last extended and carefully prepared address that he de-


The Kit-Kat Club held a service in honor of the memory of

Mr. Randall at the Chittenden Hotel, Columbus, O., February

1, 1920, at 3 o'clock P. M. The program and tributes are here

given in full: