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Emilius Oviatt Randall

Emilius Oviatt Randall.              99

ican Revolution, and of the Benjamin Franklin, the local chapter.

He served as an officer in both organizations and spoke upon

many occasions on patriotic subjects at their meetings and ban-


Col. W. L. Curry, a charter member of the State Society, a

Past President and for many years State Registrar, and an active

executive of the Society, will speak.





Emilius Oviatt Randall, to whom we pay tribute today, was

a very active member of the Society of the Sons of the American

Revolution for more than a quarter of a century. He joined the

Society, March 31, 1894. His ancestors, both paternal and mater-

nal, served as soldiers of the Revolution, in establishing American

independence, and had long and honorable service. They were

of sturdy New England stock and some of the strains of the

families were traced back to the Puritans.

John Randall, his great-grandfather, served as a soldier of

the Continental Army, enlisting from New London County, Con-

necticut, and served during the entire war.

Benjamin Oviatt, his great-grandfather, served as a Minute

Man, enlisting from the town of Goshen, Litchfield County, Con-


Patrick Grant Pemberton, his great-grandfather, served in

the Connecticut Militia.

Mr. Randall often referred with pride to the long and hon-

orable service of his ancestors in the Revolution with his convic-

tion that the warm blood of patriotism and heroism which flowed

in the veins of the men of '76 does not become cold in the veins

of their descendants by the lapse of years. He was a firm be-

liever in the tenets of the Society, that, though far removed in

kinship, blood will tell for successive generations, when the op-

portunity comes; that the spirit which led these ancestors to battle

for liberty inspires their descendants to fight the battles of all

our wars in which they have taken so prominent a part; that

Christianity and patriotism go hand in hand, and that the higher