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In the fullness of years and bearing the honors of a

life devoted to science and the service of his fellow

men, Doctor George     Frederick  Wright, President

Emeritus of the Ohio State Archaeological and Histori-

cal Society, passed to his final reward April 20, 1921.

While he had been failing in strength for a few months

past he was able to continue his work almost to the day

of his death and was cheerfully looking forward to a

return to health and planning further contributions in

his chosen field of interest and research. In a letter

addressed to the Secretary of the Society under date of

April 11, 1921, he wrote:


"I was very glad to receive your letter and learn that you

were going to put Dr. Wilson's article in the April number of


"It is true that I have been under the weather for four

weeks * * *, but I have not been incapacitated for office

work any of the time, and hope soon to be out and around as


The reference in this letter is to the article which ap-

pears in this issue of the QUARTERLY, on the serpent

worship and monuments of India and the serpent mounds

of Ohio-a subject on which Dr. Wright had thought

much and to which he referred at the last annual

meeting of the Society. It is worthy of note in this

connection that at the first annual meeting of the So-

ciety in 1886 Dr. Wright read a paper on "The Relation