Ohio History Journal




Old Lion! tangled in the net,

Baffled and spent, and wounded sore,

Bound, thou who ne'er knew bonds before,

A captive, but a lion yet.


Death kills not. In a later time,

(0, slow, but all-accomplishing!)

Thy shouted name abroad shall ring,

Wherever right makes war sublime.


When in the perfect scheme of God,

It shall not be a crime for deeds

To quicken liberating creeds,

And men shall rise wherre slaves have trod;


Then he, the fearless future Man,

Shall wash the blot and stain away,

We fix upon thy name today -

Thou hero of the noblest plan.


0, patience, felon of the hour!

Over thy ghastly gallows-tree

Shall climb the vine of Liberty,

With ripened fruit and fragrant flower.

- Wm. D. Howells.

December, 1859.