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Reviews, Notes and Comments 349

Reviews, Notes and Comments      349

his voluntary service and the assistance of the regular

employees of theSociety a mass of valuable material was

collected.  This consists chiefly of local newspapers

from which clippings have been made, indexed and

bound.  When the General Assembly finally acted it

made only meager appropriations for the work. At its

last session no provision was made for the Commission

but the work has been continued by the Society.  It

should collect material for a memorial volume similar to

the one published by Indiana. Of course it would now

be next to impossible to get photographs for each Ohio

soldier who lost his life in the war, but much valuable

biographical material could still be collected for such a

publication.  Just what provision will ultimately be

made for the surviving soldiers of the World War is yet

to be determined, but there can be no question in regard

to the lasting debt of gratitude that the state owes to

those who made the supreme sacrifice in answer to the

call of the Republic.  Our soldiers who won the gold

star in the hospitals and on the battlefield should be

honored by a fitting permanent record in the archives of

the Buckeye State.



The reorganization of the departments of the state

government for which provision was made at the last

session of the General Assembly assigns the Ohio State

Archaeological and Historical Society to the Department

of Education.  Before this transfer could be made,

however, certain action had to be taken by the Society

through its Board of Trustees. A special meeting was

called for this purpose for June 29th. At this meeting