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Reviews, Notes and Comments 353

Reviews, Notes and Comments       353

The amount of money provided in the different

states for additional compensation to World War

veterans varies from $2,500,000 in Rhode Island to

$45,000,000 in New York.




The Ohio Daughters of the American Revolution

will have placed upon the old Campus Martius house

at Marietta a tablet marking this as an important his-

toric point in our state. It will be unveiled Wednes-

day, September 28, 1921. Dr. Edwin Earl Sparks of

State College, Pennsylvania, will make the formal his-

toric address on this occasion.  The State Chairman

of Historic Spots, Mrs. Eugene G. Kennedy of Day-

ton, Ohio, on behalf of the Daughters of the American

Revolution, will present this tablet which will be ac-

cepted by Governor James E. Campbell, President of

the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society.

The Legislature at its regular session in 1917

passed an act providing for the purchase of the Campus

Martius property and appropriated for that purpose

$16,000.  Since that time no money has been provided

for the repair and maintenance of this property. From

a sum of money given by Miss Minerva T. Nye for

this purpose, arrangements have recently been made

for the erection of a retaining wall for the Campus

Martius lot of ground and it is hoped that this much

needed improvement will soon be completed.

The Campus Martius site is a most important one.

Here the Ordinance of 1787 went formally into effect

July 15, 1788, with the inauguration of Arthur St.

Clair, the first governor of the Northwest Territory.

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