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Reviews, Notes and Comments 217

Reviews, Notes and Comments      217

In 1844 he went to Palestine, Illinois, to spend his

remaining days with his daughter, Mrs. Rachel L.

Kitchel.  Here he was highly honored by the citizens

of the village.  On July 4, 1845, he delivered his last

public address. "Appearing in his continental uniform,

bowed with the infirmities of age, his emotions almost

overcame him as he contrasted the feeble beginnings of

the Republic with the splendid destinies assured in the

future."  In an obituary notice it is recorded that his

last words were, "My life has been spared; I have tried

to be useful; God calls and I obey the summons." Gov-

ernor Looker married Pamela Clark. Their children

were B. F., James Harvey, Pamela and Rachel L.

Rachel L. Looker married Joseph Kitchel who was the

first receiver of the land office at Palestine, Illinois.

Governor Looker had a large number of grand-

children and many of his descendants are still living.

A grandson, Thomas H. Looker, entered the navy as

midshipman November 6, 1846. He served through

the Mexican War and through the Civil War. He was

promoted to the position of pay director in the navy

March 3, 1871, and in 1890 was living in Washington,

D. C.




We are under special obligations to Honorable Hugh

L. Nichols, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

of Ohio and at present Chairman of the U. S. Grant

Memorial Centenary Association, for a general program

of the exercises attending the one hundredth anniver-

sary of the birth of Ohio's most illustrious son. The

celebration will extend from the 27th to the 29th of