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26 Ohio Arch

26       Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications

extent of the town and the obligations of the founders.

Incidentally they show that sometime between October

6 and December 15, 1821, the town acquired the name

of Bucyrus.

Colonel Kilbourne was a man of varied accomplish-

ments for his day. He was soldier, minister, educator,

congressman and, we are told, a musician whose songs

delighted companions and audiences. Someone has said,

half in jest, half in earnest:  "Poetry is lies; and it

follows that poets are liars." We have ample evidence

that Colonel Kilbourne was something of a poet, but the

famous poem with which he celebrated Bucyrus, its ad-

vantages and prospects, cannot be thus criticised. Fol-

lowing is the text of the poem:



Ye men of spirit, ardent souls,

Whose hearts are firm and hands are strong,

Whom generous enterprise controls,

Attend! and truth shall guide my song.

I'll tell you how Bucyrus, now

Just rising, like the star of morn,

Surrounded stands by fertile lands,

On clear Sandusky's rural bourn.

In these wide regions, known to fame,

Which freedom proudly calls her own;

Where free-born men the heathen tame,

And spurning kings-despise a throne.

No lands more blest, in all the West,

Are seen whichever way you turn,

Than those around Bucyrus, found

On clear Sandusky's rural bourn.


The river valley, rich and green,

Far as the power of sight extends,

Presents a splendid rural scene,

Which not the distant landscape ends.