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a demand that would have overcome his indifference to

display and publicity.   Three of his sons were promi-

nent in their day: Rev. B. F. Morris, the author of his

life; Jonathan D. Morris, who served two terms as

congressman from Ohio; Isaac N. Morris, who served

two terms as congressman from Illinois and was ap-

pointed by President Grant commissioner for the Union

Pacific Railway in 1869. If a daguerreotype or paint-

ing of the Senator is in the possession of any of the

descendants of these sons, it may yet be found.     If it

should be discovered, it will be interesting to note how

nearly it corresponds with the picture on the walls of

the memory of the veteran physician, Dr. Thompson

of Bethel, which has been reproduced by the pen of

Richard M. Brand.



Judge Hugh L. Nichols, Chairman of the Grant

Centenary Committee, sends us the following statement

in regard to this Highway:

"The Grant Memorial Road, so-called, is that part of the

Ohio River Road running between New Richmond on the west

and Point Pleasant on the east, a distance of five miles. The

road to New Richmond from Cincinnati is in good condition and

in order to make the birthplace of General Grant accessible it is

the purpose of the Committee to build a highway from New

Richmond to Point Pleasant so that the public may have the

benefit of it.

"Congress, in February last, passed a special bill authorizing

the coinage of 10,000 gold dollars and 250,000 silver half-dollars,

the gold dollars now selling for $3.00 a piece and the silver

halves for $1.00 each. A great many of these coins have already

been sold and it is the purpose of the Committee in charge to

devote, in a large measure, the premium to the building of this

road. Of course we expect direct Federal and State aid in the

matter and from this three-fold source we are confident within