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Reviews, Notes and Comments 353

Reviews, Notes and Comments        353


a year we will have a highway of a splendid character, and when

the highway has been built the argument that was made in the

State Senate last year against the removal of the house in which

Grant was born, from the State Fair Grounds to its original

foundation, will be entirely dissipated."

The foregoing is a succinct and informing state-

ment of fact, so far as the road is concerned, supple-

mented by a prophecy in regard to the dissipation of

the "argument made in the State Senate." The matter

of the removal of the Grant cottage will probably be up

again before the General Assembly at its coming session.



Basil Meek, veteran local historian, life member of

the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society

and one of the oldest practicing lawyers in the State

of Ohio, died in his home city, Fremont, April 16, four

days before he was ninety-three.   He contributed a

number of articles to the QUARTERLY, his last appear-

ing in the April number shortly before his death.  He

made some corrections in the proof after he was con-

fined to the hospital in his last illness.  A sketch of his

life together with an autographed portrait was pub-

lished with his contribution and will be found on page

129 of the April QUARTERLY.   A number of sketches

from the Fremont and other northern Ohio papers are

before us, all bearing testimony to his high character,

his long and useful life and the regard in which he

was held by all who knew him.     He had long been

Secretary of the Sandusky County Pioneer Historical

Association, a position which he held at the time of his

death.   Mr. Meek is survived by a daughter, four

Vol. XXXJ-23.