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Reviews, Notes and Comments 589

Reviews, Notes and Comments      589

County and the founders of the first church and school

in Ohio."

This pageant was so highly appreciated that those

who presented it were prevailed upon to repeat it on the

following evening when a capacity audience again en-

joyed and heartily applauded it.

Nothing so thoroughly arouses and impresses the

events of local history upon the general public as the

presentation of that history in the form of pageants.

This fact has been abundantly demonstrated by a num-

ber of such pageants that have been presented in dif-

ferent parts of Ohio within the past year.




Professor Clement Luther Martzolff, a life member

of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society

and for a number of years on the Board of Trustees,

died at his home in Athens, Ohio, August 5, 1922. He

was born in Monday Creek Township, Perry County,

November 25, 1869. He had been in failing health for

the past five years but continued his work in Ohio Uni-

versity at Athens until last March when his illness took

a serious turn. In June he was confined to his home

where he remained until his death.

Professor Martzolff was throughout his entire life

a student and a thorough teacher. After leaving the

schools of his county he attended Capital University at

Columbus, Ohio, one year in 1892 and the summer

school sessions at Ohio University in 1896, 1903, 1905

and 1906. He entered the regular term of that institu-

tion in 1904 and was graduated in 1907 with the de-

gree of Bachelor of Pedagogy. He received the Mas-