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Reviews, Notes and Comments 289

Reviews, Notes and Comments      289

in his Cincinnati speech. Later, on March 21, 1864, he

quoted from this message to a labor delegation that

called upon him in Washington, stating in conclusion

that he had not changed his views on this subject.




A great educator, to whom Ohio owes much, has

passed away. At four o'clock on Monday morning,

January 29, 1923, Dr. Henry S. Lehr, aged eighty-five,

founder and former president of Ohio Northern Uni-

versity, died at his home in Ada. Funeral services were

held in the Lehr Memorial Building of the University

on Wednesday, January 31. President E. A. Smith,

successor to the deceased, presided at the services. The

funeral sermon was delivered by Dr. P. H. Welshimer.

President W. O. Thompson of the Ohio State Uni-

versity spoke in behalf of the Ohio colleges. Dr. W.

H. McMaster, President of Mt. Union College, read

the resolutions adopted by the Mt. Union College stu-

dents and faculty. Dr. Lehr was a graduate of Mt.

Union, receiving his A. B. degree from that institution

in 1871 and his M. A. degree two years later. United

States Senator Frank B. Willis and Mr. E. L. Miller of

Ravenna paid tributes to their great teacher.

Among the prominent alumni present were United

States Senator Frank B. Willis; R. M. Wanamaker

and E. S. Matthias, Ohio supreme court judges; J. L.

Newhouse, supreme court judge of Oklahoma; Timothy

S. Hogan, former Attorney General of Ohio; ex-Con-

gressman Ralph D. Cole; Earl D. Bloom, Lieutenant

Governor of Ohio; Judge George P. Baer of Cleveland,

and Judge Charles Crittenden of Toledo.

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