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Reviews, Notes and Comments 293

Reviews, Notes and Comments      293

Normal School, then as Ohio Normal University and

finally as Ohio Northern University.

Among interesting relics given by Dr. Lehr to the

institution that he founded, were a flag carried by his

grandfather at the battles of the Brandywine, German-

town and Monmouth and the epaulettes worn by his

father as Brigadier-General in the Militia of Pennsyl-


Dr. Lehr belonged to the Grand Army of the Re-

public and the Masonic order. He was a member of

the Christian Church and for many years Superintend-

ent of the Sunday School conducted by that denomina-

tion in Ada.

October 30, 1866, he was united in marriage with

Albina Hoover of Stark County, Ohio. He is survived

by his widow and two daughters, Mrs. Sarah L. Ken-

nedy, of Chicago, and Miss Harriet M. Lehr, of Ada.



The next annual meeting of the American Histori-

cal Association will be held in Columbus, Ohio, Decem-

ber 27, 28 and 29, 1923. The Mississippi Valley Asso-

ciation will hold its meeting at the same time and place.

It is practically assured that the American Political

Science Association will also hold its annual meeting

on the above dates in Columbus.

This is an announcement of unusual interest to all

Ohio students and teachers of history and an especial

effort will be made to assure an attendance worthy of

the meetings.

Ohio ranks high among the states that have made

conspicuous contribution to American history. Ohioans