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Reviews, Notes and Comments 429

Reviews, Notes and Comments       429


Rev. Nathaniel Barrett Coulson Love was born in

Rushville, Ohio, October 29, 1830. He died at his home

in Perrysburg, Ohio, December 29, 1922. He had there-

fore passed his ninety-second birthday. He was one

of the pioneer ministers of Ohio. His father, William

Love, was Scotch-Irish; his mother, Susannah Force,

was of English and Scotch-Irish descent.

Rev. Love was educated in the common schools, and

privately taught by his father; he began his ministry

in the Northern Ohio Annual Conference of the M. E.

Church in 1853; in 1856 he was transferred to the

Central Ohio Conference. He held pastorates in a

number of cities in northern Ohio. He was for many

years a lecturer in various Chautauqua assemblies in

Ohio and other states.

He was a Lakeside pio-

neer, having been in at-

tendance at the meetings

there since the founding

of the camp grounds al-

most fifty years ago. He

was connected with the

assemblies there from

1879 to 1883 in the ca-

pacity of normal class

teacher of adults, teacher

of boys and girls and

blackboard  artist.  He

was an authority on

Lakeside history as well

as that of the Methodist

Church in northwestern Ohio. He was author of a