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On July 7, 1923, Honorable James E. Campbell, by

general consent was hailed as the first citizen of Colum-

bus on the occasion of the celebration of the eightieth

anniversary of his birth. Throughout the day he was

the recipient in his office of many congratulatory greet-

ings and messages from other states and nations. In

the evening a banquet was given in his honor at the

Scioto Country Club by about 250 of his friends. Hon-

orable Claude Meeker of Columbus, formerly private

secretary to Governor Campbell and for many years his

intimate associate and friend, presided as toastmaster.

Those who paid tribute to the guest of honor were Gov-

ernor A. V. Donahey, former Governor James M. Cox,

former Secretary of the Navy Newton D. Baker, Joseph

Schonthal, Dr. W. O. Thompson, Robert F. Wolfe,

Henry A. Williams, Colonel Edward Orton, Jr., and

Mayor James J. Thomas. From a great mass of tele-

grams Mr. Meeker read a few from distinguished

Americans, friends of the guest of the evening. Among

these were greetings from President Warren G. Hard-

ing, who wired from Seattle, Washington; former Pres-

ident Woodrow Wilson, Senator F. B. Willis, Joseph P.

Tumulty, Congressman John McSweeney, Chief Justice

William Howard Taft, former Governor Judson Har-

mon, former Governor Harry L. Davis, Judge Kenesaw

Mountain Landis, Ambassador Myron T. Herrick, who

cabled his congratulations from Paris; Charles G.

Dawes, Clarence R. Edwards, Webb C. Hayes, D.

Meade Massie, and Dr. T. C. Mendenhall.