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A large and appreciative audience assembled in

Logan Elm Park near the grand old tree which gives it

its name to celebrate Ohio History Day on October 7,

1923.   The local papers gave generous space to this

notable event. The Union Herald prefaces an extended

account as follows:

The celebration of History day at Logan Elm Park Sun-

day was attended by from 1500 to 1800 people from all over

central Ohio, and the great success of the meeting must have

been most gratifying to Mrs. Howard Jones who conceived the

splendid idea of getting together once a year on this historic

spot to study the remarkable history of our wonderful state.

The contemplation of the remarkable success of the first

celebration must be doubly gratifying to Mrs. Jones for the

reason that succeeding gatherings at the park will naturally

grow larger year by year, as time goes on. The permanency of

History day in the annals of Ohio is assured now and future

gatherings will witness the assembling of great crowds, not only

from central Ohio, but from the furthermost corners of the


Sunday's meeting was an inspiration to all who were so

fortunate as to be present and the story of the first History day

will be told and retold until its annual celebration will be hailed

with joy and thanksgiving.

The day was ideal, the sun shone kindly down on the people,

and nature, dressed in her best, never gave forth a prettier pic-

ture. There was just enough tang in the air to give zest to the

celebration and visitors from Columbus, Canal Winchester,

Lancaster, Chillicothe, Washington C. H., and nearby towns

felt richly repaid for their effort in making the trip to Logan


A very pleasing program was rendered with Attorney Bar-

ton Walters presiding who in introducing each of the speakers

gave some interesting bits of history.

The Democrat and Watchman was equally felicitous

in the introductory paragraphs of its account:

"Ohio History Day" at the famous Logan Elm on last

Sunday, October 7, was enjoyable and profitable from every

point of view.