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Howard Carter, famous Egyptologist, was born at

Swaffham, Norfolk, England, in 1873. Because of his

delicate health he received his education under private

instructors. He went to Egypt in 1890. In 1892 he

assisted Professor Flinders Petrie in explorations. He

was a draftsman on the Egyptian Exploration Fund

archaeological survey staff, 1893-1899.  He was en-

gaged in explorations in the Valley of the Kings at

Thebes, Egypt, from 1907-1923. Early in December,

1922, under the patronage of Lord Carnarvon he dis-

covered the tomb of King Tutankhamen, which made

his name a household word throughout the world.

On the evening of June 4, 1924, Mr. Carter gave an

illustrated lecture on his latest discoveries before a

large and appreciative audience in Memorial Hall,

Columbus, Ohio.  He spent the entire day following

at the Museum of the Ohio State Archaeological and

Historical Society and manifested keen interest in the

examination of the remains of the mound builders on

exhibition there. On request he kindly left with the

Society his autograph in English and Egyptian.