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The visit of Buffalo Child Long Lance to Ohio and

his address before the Ohio State Archaeological and

Historical Society will long be remembered by those

who were so fortunate as to hear and greet him. He

had been invited to speak on Ohio History Day at Lo-

gan Elm Park. It was found, however, that by com-

ing a few days earlier he could be present at the an-

nual meeting of the Ohio State Archaeological and His-

torical Society to deliver the principal address. While

in Columbus he was generous of his time. He spoke

before the Chamber of Commerce and the Exchange

Club while in the city and greatly pleased the members

of both these bodies who were out in large numbers to

hear him. Before the Society his personality and bear-

ing brought his auditors at once into hearty sympathy.

In all his addresses he spoke freely and distinctly in

good English. His observance of the proprieties, his

native modesty, his dignified and pleasing address and

his keen appreciation of humor, in which he himself

sparingly indulged, left an impression that did honor to

himself and his people.

Before leaving the city he spent the day following

the great meeting at Logan Elm Park chiefly in the

Museum and Library Building of the Society. He fre-

quently expressed appreciation of his generous recep-

tion while in the city. "Tell the good people who were