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Frank George Carpenter, well known correspondent,

traveler and author, was born at Mansfield, Ohio, May

8, 1855. He was the son of George F. and Jennette L.

Carpenter. He was graduated from the University of

Wooster, Ohio, in 1877 with the degree of A. B. Later

he received the degrees of A. M. and Litt. D. He mar-

ried Joanna D. Condict of Mansfield, Ohio, January 10,


Mr. Carpenter began newspaper work as legislative

correspondent of the Cleveland Leader at Columbus,

Ohio, in 1879. He became Washington correspondent

of the same paper in 1882; correspondent of the Amer-

ican Press Association in 1884; of the New York World

in 1887. He wrote syndicate articles for newspapers

in every section of the United States.    His travels

reached practically every section of the old and

the new world. His descriptive articles attained a high

degree of popularity and they always had a substantial

foundation of fact as a result of his keen observation

and extensive research.

The Boston Globe, one of a number of large daily

newspapers for which he was long a correspondent, in

the course of an extended article makes the following

observations in regard to the man and his work:

He visited every nation. He has written millions and millions

of descriptive words for millions and millions of avid readers. He

has lived perhaps the best known syndicate writer of his time. A

part of the vitality has gone out of the Sunday papers now that

Frank Carpenter has gone. He always wrote fascinatingly, always

in a language the common man and woman could understand,

always of subjects that even children are interested in, but always

in a manner and on a theme which added to the information of

the best educated and the most widely traveled.