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530 Ohio Arch

530     Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications

accompanied him on all his travels and he died the

father of grown-up children. He is described as "a wisp

of a man, lank, red-haired, with a reddish mustache."

His hobby was a large peach orchard which his busy

life gave him little time to enjoy.

Not only was he a great correspondent but he was a

voluminous writer of books. Here is a list said to be

approximately complete:

Carpenter's Geographical Readers -- Asia, 1897,

North America, 1898, South America, 1899; Europe,

1902; Australia, Our Colonies and Other Islands of the

Seas, 1904; Africa, 1905; Through Asia with the Chil-

dren, 1898; Through North American With the Chil-

dren, 1898; Carpenter's Readers of Commerce and In-

dustry; South America -- Social, Industrial and Politi-

cal, 1900; How the World is Fed, 1907; How the World

Is Clothed, 1909; How the World Is Housed, 1911;

Around the World with the Children, 1917; Carpenter's

New Geographical Readers -- South America, 1921;

Europe, 1922, North America, 1922, Asia, 1923, Africa,

1923; Carpenter's World Travels -- The Holy Land

and Syria, 1922, From Tangier to Tripoli, Alaska, Our

Northern Wonderland, The Tail of the Hemisphere --

Chile and Argentina, Cairo to Kisumu, Java and the

East Indies, France to Scandinavia -- all 1923.




The largest number of people ever assembled in Lo-

gan Elm Park attended the exercises of the fourth an-

nual celebration of Ohio History Day on October 5. A

conservative estimate places the number at between five

and six thousand people.