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Reviews, Notes and Comments 533

Reviews, Notes and Comments       533

Indian dialects and is a man of high character and gentlemanly


At the conclusion of the exercises a remarkable dem-

onstration occurred. The vast crowd, charmed by the

address and manly bearing of Buffalo Child Long

Lance, surged forward eager to grasp him by the hand.

The timbers under the speaker's stand began to snap.

The Chief and those about him, however, succeeded in

getting to the ground and the threatened collapse of

the platform did not occur. Mr. Carlisle aided the

Chief in his effort to reach an automobile but found it

almost impossible to work their way through the

crowd, which was orderly and respectful but eager to

shake the Chief by the hand before he left the park.

He succeeded in getting to the log cabin about half way

to the road, behind the door of which he and Mr. Car-

lisle disappeared for a time. An appeal was made to

the crowd and he was permitted to return to the old

Elm to have some pictures taken under its branches.

He was evidently pleased at the manifestations of ap-

preciation and tried, as he said afterward, as far as pos-

sible to shake hands with the children. "I realize," said

he, "that this means more to them than it would to older


In the evening the Chief and a number of friends

were entertained at the hospitable home of Dr. Howard

Jones in Circleville.



A most interesting program was rendered at Alder

Chapel about four miles north of West Jefferson on the

afternoon of September 19, on the occasion of the un-