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568 Ohio Arch

568       Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications

ferring the Dedication till next year, when all parties cooperat-

ing in this work will have full time to do their work unhurried

and in the best artistic fashion.

The contract with the Sculptor calls for the completion of

all of his work by January 1st, 1926, with possibility of exten-

sion of time for cause. In no case can the panels in the rotunda

be ready for the dedication date. Their place in the room can

be clearly indicated on that occasion and possibly charcoal or

crayon sketches of the proposal panels may be put in position

as a forecast of what is to follow.

On the whole, the Committee feels that its work has gone

forward in a fairly satisfactory manner. It is believed by the

members of the Society, when they stand in Fifteenth avenue,

either on the northeast or northwest corner of the structure and

witness the handsome facade of the new wing, that all must

realize that the Society is taking a notable step forward with the

completion of this beautiful addition to the building, which will

permit great steps forward in the better classification of exhibits,

and the more complete division of the Society's work into de-

partments in accordance with Museum procedure elsewhere.

Very respectfully submitted,

(Signed)    EDWARD ORTON, JR.,

Chairman of the Building Committee.

On motion the report was received and ordered

placed on file.






General Orton read the report of the Committee as


On December 6th, 1923, a committee was appointed to con-

sider the relations between these two institutions, both of which

are state supported, both upon the same campus, containing

many members in common, and working for the same general

object, viz., the increase of education and the collection and dis-

semination of knowledge among men. It was felt that while

there were, fortunately, no real conflicts between them, that their

normal expansion would make some division of interest likely to

grow up, if a policy were not arranged which would more or less