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582 Ohio Arch

582       Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications

We now have a driveway leading from the main entrance

passing through the valley, walnut grove, over the hillside, and

through the battlefield, returning to the main entrance.

Respectfully submitted,



On motion the report was accepted and ordered

placed on file.

President Campbell called attention to the fact that

at the last Annual Meeting the Society passed a reso-

lution complimenting Director W. C. Mills on his long

and faithful service to the Society.

General Orton on behalf of the Society presented

Dr. Mills with an engrossed and framed copy of those

resolutions, whereupon Dr. Mills in a few well chosen

words expressed his thanks and appreciation for the

high honor thus conferred upon him by the Society.

The resolutions appear in full in the minutes for 1923.



The Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Frank Tall-

madge, read the report as follows:

Your Committee takes pleasure in reporting the completion

of the five acre tract containing in addition to the Logan Elm

and the cabin the following memorials: The one to Chief Logan,

the Boggs family site, and the Cresap stone with tablet exoner-

ating Cresap, and the names of a few prominent men in pioneer

life who were present at the Treaty and were to become famous

as Revolutionary Officers. This tablet, however, is regrettably

incomplete. The additional names recently secured should be

placed upon a new tablet, for which there is ample space.

There has been no loss by wind or lightning to the Logan

Elm this season. The fertilization of the Elm continues to show

splendid results. The park with its attractions continues to

draw visitors in increasing numbers.  The General Gibson

Grove, consisting of seventy-five young trees, has been planted,

and will grow in favor with picnickers and all lovers of nature.

This year marks the start of permanent setting of seedlings of