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Reviews, Notes and Comments 141

Reviews, Notes and Comments      141

state of preservation. The title page, which is repro-

duced in facsimile, carries the imprint of one of the

very early publishers of Columbus.




In Filson Club Publications No. 17 the artist who

painted the portrait of Simon Kenton is spoken of as

Louis Morgan. The contribution is by General Samuel

W. Price, himself an artist, and an authority on the

subject treated in his carefully prepared monograph

entitled The Old Masters of the Blue Grass. His

sketch of Morgan is a very interesting one, but it dif-

fers in some important particulars from the contribu-

tion to this issue of the QUARTERLY by Mr. Walter D.

McKinney, who gives the name of the artist of the

Kenton portrait as James Morgan and sustains this

claim by a manuscript letter from Thomas W. Cridland

who made the frame for the portrait of Kenton pre-

sented to the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical

Society. The differences between the sketch in the

Filson Publications and that included in Mr. McKin-

ney's address will be subject to future comparisons and

an effort made to determine beyond question the name

of the artist.


Brief contributions entitled The Descendants of Te-

cumseh and Ezra Meeker, The Ohioan will appear in

the next issue of the QUARTERLY; also acknowledgment

of a gift to the Society by Miss Rachel Trimble.