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The battleship Ohio was built for the United States

navy by the Union Iron Works, San Francisco, under

contract dated October 8, 1898, at a cost of $2,899,000.

It was launched May 18, 1901 in the harbor of San

Francisco and christened by Miss Helen Deshler, who

was designated for this honor by Governor George K.

Nash, who was present on the occasion, as was also

William McKinley, then President of the United States.

Great crowds were present at these ceremonies, in-

cluding members of the President's cabinet, officers of

the army and navy and other distinguished citizens.

The ceremonies were brief and simple.  The speeches

were limited to a few appropriate words by a representa-

tive of the 4,500 employes of the Union Iron Works and

the address in response by President McKinley.  The

warships of the Pacific squadron were in the bay at

anchor as was the transport Sheridan which had re-

cently arrived from the long journey across the Pacific

bearing the Forty-second and Forty-sixth U. S. Volun-

teer Infantry on their return journey home from the


In accordance with the provisions of the Treaty

Limiting Naval Armament, entered into in the adminis-

tration of Warren G. Harding, the battleship Ohio was

placed on the list of vessels to be disposed of by sale.

All naval material having been removed from the Ohio,

the vessel was sold as a hulk for scrapping purposes,

March 6, 1923, to the Dravo Contracting Company,