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Recent Addresses of James Edwin Campbell 53

Recent Addresses of James Edwin Campbell    53

neath rest those whom we call "The Dead"; but they

are not dead.


And dare ye call that dying? The dignity sublime,

Which gains a furlough from the grave, and then reports to time?

Doth the earth give up the daisies to a little sun and rain,

And keep at their roots the heroes while weary ages wane?

Sling up thy trumpet Israel? Sweet bugler of our God,

For nothing waits thy summons beneath this broken sod,

The deadest of these heroes has as silently rent the clod,

As the clouds burst into flower when the sun rides over the bar,

Or heaven breaks out of the blue, and comes out star by star;

They march abreast of the ages, with the thunder on the right,

For they bade that world "Good morning," when this world said

"Good night".




A few weeks ago The Ohio State Journal sent me a

questionnaire containing a number of interrogatories.

One of them read as follows: Who is your favorite

heroine? I took time for due consideration. I passed

over the ancient queens, such as Zenobia and Semiramis,

who had established dynasties; I could not find a place

for Isabella who, of all the sovereigns of Europe, had

the nerve and vision to finance the discovery of the New

World; I even let Joan of Arc go by; I did not write

down the name of Elizabeth, that heroic queen who, de-

spite some feminine foibles, was the greatest ruler of

England in three hundred years; I could not find a

place for Maria Theresa, although she, alone in all the

world, threw down the gauntlet to that masterful and

typical Prussian, Frederick the Great; I omitted Ma-

dame Roland and the other heroines of the French Rev-

olution; I did not select one of the semi-inspired women

immortalized by the Bible, or one of the good women